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Data security management is becoming more complex day by day: data technology is experimenting a spectacular growth in companies of all sizes and the data assets to be protected are more numerous, at the same time the requirements for connectivity, mobility and remote access to information increase.

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Everyday, the number of risks grow against the information assets and electronic processes, as a consequence of a greater availability of information about vulnerabilities, the appearance of multiple authorized tools to perform computer attacks, and the massification of internet access.

Both applications and attacks are constantly evolving, continuously exposing new breaches in corporate security systems.

For all these reasons, it is increasingly difficult for an organization to manage the security of their​ information, with IT personnel ​ overloaded with​ ​ work, and in many cases, without adequate resources for that purpose. Many organizations do not have the necessary human and financial resources to implement, maintain and improve an effective information security system that meets the expectations of the organization over time. This task requires qualified personnel, appropriate tools and effective processes, available only to those who are dedicated exclusively to it.

Only an external collaboration, global or partial, of qualified professionals dedicated exclusively to this purpose, can mitigate the inherent ri​sks​ of information and communication technologies.

This practice, outsourcing, which has been practiced by all types of companies for years in the field of physical security (access control and surveillance of buildings hired by specialized security companies, etc.), is rapidly expanding in terms of logical security and security computing, reducing costs and maximizing investments in technologies and internal resources. By not dedicating their own resources to security management, they can concentrate on their (core business) line.

In Inixa we have the combination of solutions, and the right team of professionals and experts in security, to manage your security optimally, partially in collaboration with your IT staff - partial outsourcing - or globally, if necessary or convenient - global outsourcing -.

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