Servicios Criptogrficos

Crypto·X ® forms the group of security solutions and cryptographic services for Inixa, overing the complete circle of computer security and electronic transactions.

CryptoX: Seguridad  y servicios criptogrficos
The group of solutions Crypto·X, ddistributed in high availability under different methods of service: physical appliance -IBM (c)-, Virtual -VmWare (c)- or as a SaaS -Software as a Service- in the cloud, they offer strong and recognized security solutions which adapt themselves to your company's protection needs, providing the needed functions in any optimal architecture of security, together with a series of cryptographic services and prevention of any leaks of information of value for companies and public administrations.

    Servicios Criptográficos

  • Crypto·X :: PKI provides comprehensive framework oriented towards services in matter of applied cryptography, covering different aspects in the digital certification​ ​field: custody, invoices and electronic signatures, e-notifications, strong authentication and authority services of certification certificación -CA- and validation -VA- among other standards and international accreditations Common Criteria.
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    Seguridad del dato

  • Crypto·X :: NGFW configures an advanced solution for internal and perimetral security for data communication webs, protecting data from the perimeter and entry points to the interior, under services of motorization and intelligent analysis of security events, with constant electronic actions of surveillance and validation where​ corporative data is involve.

    Crypto·X :: Sec-Mobility provides the protection and control needed from devices and communications for mobile work environments (Tablets and Smartphones: Android e iOS(c) ).
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    Inteligencia de Seguridad

  • Crypto·X :: e-Intelligence. Security intelligence, is understood as the capacity of knowing the real risks, activating this knowledge towards the early decision making to configure effective and efficient secure spaces in the company, appears as the structural discipline with a new digital security concept.
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Through​ out​ the family of products Crypto·X of Inixa, our security experts will help you in the progressive implementation of each and everyone of the necessary elements to create an optimal infrastructure of security and cryptographic services for your company.

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