Evolución para su negocio, inteligencia de seguridad

It is time to talk about digital security, digital identities and applied cryptography ​of preventive behaviors against reactive behaviors, Security Intelligence.

Security intelligence, meaning as the ability to know the reality of risk, triggering this knowledge towards making anticipated decisions to configure efficient and effective security spaces in the company, appears as the structural discipline on which a new concept of digital security is built.

The shift is clear, every loss of business information negatively impacts the business, security must be covered internally and externally, from access perimeters to internal systems, from employees who misuse, intentionally or unintentionally, external users and unauthorized accesses, as well as achieving full legal compliance -Corporate Compliance-..

The companies must be prepared to defend themselves against the innumerable risks that currently affect their electronic information, and not only respond to an intrusion, it is a question that goes beyond viruses and firewalls, seriously affecting medium and large companies, administrations and governments, producing significant economic losses and severely compromising the privacy, image and corporate reputation, putting, definitely, at risk the business itself.

  • People and access
  • Applications and processes
  • Networks and entry points
  • Information leaks
  • Normative and legal aspects
  • Auditability and monitoring

Digital security, rigorously understood, in a highly digitized work environment like the current one, is a high priority issue for companies, governments and public administrations: business processes that converge vertiginously to the network, exponential growth of electronic information to be managed and continuous incorporation of new electronic devices, continously and unstoppably increase the security breaches and risk in the company. A problem that can only be managed effectively and efficiently, under an intelligent and analytical security treatment.

At Inixa we have the set of solutions, and the team of professionals and experts in security, to close any security breach in your company's information systems.

  • Products, such as the family of Crypto·X® solutions, for the optimal protection of your information systems, electronic devices and communication networks.
  • Services, that allow you to carry out an optimal control​ of the security of your Information Technologies -IT-, complying with regulations and under best industry practices.

Our goal is no other than to correct or improve the security of your IT infrastructure, optimizing it to minimize risks and guaranteeing the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your data, the continuity of your business against a security problem.

INIXA · Security and Communication.

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