Cloud Security

identifies your vulnerabilities

ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of the data

CCS | Crypto·X Cloud Security

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Research and


R&D new methods and innovative solutions

in an easy, optimal and effective method

Cátedra IA2 | Cybersecurity & Analytics

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Crypto·X (e-Security3)

Data security, covers the whole security cycle and

specific cryptographic services for businesses

Crypto·X | Innovation that matters

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Managed Security

Cost reductions

Optimization in management of service security

MDS | Management Data Security

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Cybersecurity and cryptography, guarantee and trust for the Economy and Digital Society.


Research and development of innovative solutions in analytical intelligence and digital security: Cátedra de Inteligencia Analítica Avanzada (IA2).


Protect your information and obtain advantages, improving your competitiveness using applied cryptographic solutions and Inixa security.


Obtain information about how our clients gain tangible commercial value through the use of Inixa's technology, services and solutions.


Guarantee of security: Integrity and confidentiality for your information in the cloud and business processes relying on cloud computing architectures.


Presentation of the forum of Innovation in Analytical Intelligence, created by Cátedra IA2

The forum of Innovation in Analytical Intelligence, created by Cátedra IA2, impulsed from Asturias, congregated young mathematicians, businessmen and Zelmanov in Madrid.

University of Oviedo creates Cátedra de Inteligencia Analítica Avanzada (IA2), along with the companies Neometrics and Inixa.

Treating data in an intelligent way, with powerful mathematical algorithms guarantees the best outcome when taking a decision.

"Common Criteria" certification of "Crypto.X" product

The Common Criteria International Conference (ICCC) is the current largest international event in the field of information security technologies evaluation.


  • Innovation and quality of service as the objective to guarantee the security of one of the most valuable assets of companies and public administrations, their information. Digital Cybersecurity, cecurity intelligence and applied cryptography.
  • Under a R&D system, conforming to UNE 166002 and the Crypto-X © set of solutions certified by Centro Criptológico Nacional (CC -Common Criteria for Information Security Technologies-), has been providing since its origins -2003- benefits and acknowledgments to its clients through innovative and high quality solutions.