The Analytical Intelligence Forum, created by Cátedra IA2, backed from Asturias, congregated young mathematicians, businessmen and the «nobel» Zelmanov in Madrid.
Analytical Intelligence Forum
In today's society, an information society, where things like Facebook are able to reach hundreds of millions of people in less than a year (something unheard-of for other communication platforms -tv, radio, etc.-), data is changing the economic model of companies, public administration and society in general.

Everything is in the network and everything is electronic, under a constant and vertiginous convergence, where handling all that information in an intelligent and secure way, will be the key to success.

This was explained by professor Santos González (director of Cátedra IA2), José Luis Flórez (CEO of Neometrics) and Julio Rilo (general director of Inixa), during the Innovation Forum in Analytical Intelligence held in Madrid, the 28th of January.

Efim Zelmanov, Fields Medal -Mathematics nobel prize-, confirmed during his speech that "the role of mathematics in developing today's society is critical", and insisted on the necessity of investing in mathematics, a point that, according to Zelmanov, is clear in the United States: "We're lucky. We have funding from industries, from the Army, and the National Security Agency (which is the major employer for experts on algebra and number theory). After the Second World War and thanks to cryptography's role, there is no need to convince anyone of mathematics importance"

The professor from Oviedo, Santos González, added: "In current digital society is necessary to generate security protocols from mathematical algorithms. That security is crucial to develop the new economy".

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