INIXA · Security & Communication ®, is a technology based company created from the curiosity of a group of engineers and skilled professionals in research and development on cryptography and cybersecurity.

Under a R&D system, Conforming to UNE 166002, and Crypto·X © solutions certified by Centro Criptológico Nacional (CC -Common Criteria for Information Security Technologies-), has been providing since 2003 its clients with significant benefits and acknowledgments, through innovative and high quality solutions.

Our goal is to guarantee the security of one of the biggest assets of companies and administrations, their information. With innovation, quality of service and our clients as our principal asset, in Inixa we offer a variety of products and services, such as:

  • Cybersecurity and analytics
  • Security Intelligence
  • Applied Cryptography research

From our very beginnings working with the mathematics department of Oviedo's University, to the foundation of the Cátedra IA2, it has been almost 10 years, dedicated to building software and innovative services in computer security and cryptography, successfully deployed in the leading companies of our home country.

Our constant commitment with these areas of research, the experience and all our professionals compromise, allow us to provide our customers with benefits and competitive advantages to increase the value of their business even more in the information society.

INIXA · Security and Communication.

To obtain more information about our solutions on Intelligence and Digital Security, you can contact our commercial department ·Comercial·
® Crypto·X and Inixa are property and registered trademark of Inixa Security & Communication (Inixa del Principado S.L.).