Servicios Criptogrficos

Cloud computing is unstoppably penetrating in companies' business processes. However, there is a high priority problem yet to be solved, closing the security gap due to using Cloud Computing when it comes to information integrity and confidentiality.

Seguridad en 'Cloud Computing'
										The Crypto·X ® product family, in SaaS format, and the security services -Cloud Security Services-, from Inixa, help your organization in the deployment and convergence of business services ina safe way, guaranteeing the confidentiality and integrity of information and data within the cloud.

Accelerate the implementation of applications, improve innovation and save on costs, at the same time as your company's business agility is increased in a safe way, with our security products and services -Cloud Security Solutions-.

  • Crypto·X -Cloud Security Services-

    Security services for your Cloud Computing infrastructure, consultancy and auditing, legal and technical aspects, to guarantee the security of your business processes and information in the cloud.

  • Crypto·X -Cloud Security Solutions-

    The solutions from Inixa's Crypto·X family (c) in SaaS format, cost savings and transparent deployment in high availability and 24/7 service.

With Crypto·X producs and services -Cloud Solutions and Services-, from Inixa, our security expers will help your company in the progressive implementation of every required element to create an optimal security infrastructure and cryptographical services in the cloud.

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