Consultoría y Auditorías de seguridad

INIXA's, security consultations and audit services, provide the assessment and risk analysis your company needs, providing solutions and precise instructions to correct the detected security breaches and reduce the inherent risk in the convergence of business services to a network

Identifying, enumerating and subsequently describing the various vulnerabilities and security breaches detected, after a thorough review of information systems, communication networks and electronic processes and services, are the objectives of our Security Audit services, thus providing your company with a necessary external and objective vision, of the organization's computer security.

Our professionals will help you detect the risks and identify valuable assets, and their dependencies -technical, legal and human-, to implement appropriate countermeasures that improve the level of security of your information and electronic processes.

  • A external and objective view of the security state of your information.
  • The experience and knowledge of our auditors and experts.
  • The continuous upgrade of our techniques and methods of work.
  • The certification with respect to the performed work.

Our professionals have a clear objective: to accurately assess the level of security of your technological infrastructure, using:

  • Methodologies that follow the indications of standards and best practices of the industry in information security.
  • Tools both used by hacker communities and developed by our R&D department with "ethical hacking" purposes.

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