Servicios Criptogrficos

Crypto·X -PKI- provides a comprehensive framework of valuable cryptographic services for companies and organizations, with functions such as electronic safekeeping, strong authentication, electronic signature, SSO -Single Sign On-, verification and validation of electronic credentials and digital certificates, amongst other valuable services related to certification and digital identity.Servicios Criptogrficos, CryptoX -PKI-

The family of products and services SaaS, Crypto·X -PKI- of Inixa ®, certified under the Criptográfico Nacional (CC -Common Criteria for Information Security Technologies), provides a solution of elevated value around the digital identities, la digital certifications and the electronic signature.

Giving solutions to basic secure management needs for digital certifications (eID -electronic ID-, FNMT, etc.), electronic signature, verification and validation, strong authentication in systems through digital certificate and CA functions -Certification Authority-, Crypto·X -PKI- is able to integrate in your business in an easy and efficient manner.

  • Strong Authentication X.509. Secure access through logon by digital certificate, Strong-Auth.. Web Logon y Windows Logon through software or hardware tokens (SmartCard), such as Applet of distribution or service in the cloud.
  • Advance electronic signature. Electronic signature in the users position, Web and in the cloud (server signature), per file or file set (massive electronic signature), in accepted commun formats: PDF, PKCS#7, XML signature, XAdES (XML Advanced Electronic Signatures) and CAdES (CMS Advanced Electronic Signatures) among others.

    Compatible with any digital certificate X.509v3, and hardware devices (smartcards and tokens), alouds you to sign all your documents in an easy and efficient manner, with a single mouse click, in local surroundings or remote mobility.
  • Authority of certification. CA -Certification authority- corporative and interoperability with other CA (issuance, custody and revocation of corporate digital certificates).
  • Authority of validation. VA -Validation Authority-, CRL validation and multiple CA certificates OCSP (FNMT, ID-e, ​ camerfirma​ , Izenpe, etc).
  • Other integration components. Objects and software compatible with Windows OS, Linux, Android and iOS, for advanced electronic signature, (strong-auth), signature andauthentication, and obtaining data of digital certificates (eID, etc) for corporative applications and software, with ease of integration in MS Office and corporative ERP (Business resources planning systems).

The architecture oriented to services, provides an accessible solution under WEB and XML standards (Web Control Panels for users and Web Services for programmers), of easy integration and use.

Crypto·X - Cryptographic services architecture -

To the teams of developers and other business software, provides Web services, COM components (office, builder, VB, NET, etc) and Appets (Java) under SOAP, WSDL and XML/XSD standards, achieving full interability with any technology (J2EE, Net, C++) and facilitating the incorporation of cryptographic functions and advance digital identities already applied.

Through the family of products Crypto·X, our security experts will help you with the progressive implementation of each and every needed element to create an optimal cryptographic service infrastructure for your business.

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