Seguridad interna y perimetral, CryptoX -NGFW-

Crypto·X -NGFW- forms the set of solutions for internal and​ perimetral​ security for Inixa.

Seguridad interna y perimetral, CryptoX -NGFW-A high filtering and analysis capacity for network traffic, stability and an optimal level of service, make Crypto-X -NGFW- the optimal solution to unify the technical security functions under a single management environment.

Crypto·X -NGFW- from Inixa ®, is distributed in a high availability format: physical appliance (IBM®), virtualized (VMWare® and HyperV®) or in SaaS format (Software as a Service), as a cloud service, providing strong i​nternal and perimetral se​curity solutions, that adapt to the protection needs of your company, improving not only its security, but its productivity also.

  • Perimetral security

    Firewall SCI (Layer 4 y 7), advanced perimetral protection for services and servers exposed to the Internet (WAV -Web Access Firewall-) and exhaustive control of the usage of the internet inside the organization (web content, services, etc), with easy-to-interpret reports, easy-to-use and easily parameterizable control panels and effective control metrics to fulfill the corporate security policies, including functions for private virtual network and encryption for information confidentiality during communications (VPN SSL, IPSec and MPPE).

  • Internal security

    Monitoring and analysis of real time traffic in the corporate network, detecting deviations or unauthorized activity with instant notifications and advanced functions of prevention and intrusion detection(IDPS - Intrusion Detection and Prevention System-), allowing to detect both intrusion attempts in the internal network, and inadequate behavior before corporate policy violations or software and hardware changes in electronic devices of the organization (PCs, laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc.), as well as any other security event ​generating early alarms and instant notifications.

  • Security on mobility

    Control and precise monitoring of the fleet of mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc.), guaranteeing the optimal and safe use by the organization's employees under this new model of computing mobility. Including geolocation functions, control of applications, monitoring and metrics of calls and messages made, erasure, activation and deactivation of remote terminals, encryption control in the terminal, secure inbox (WhatsUP ® style, with information encryption) for Android and BlackBerry ® devices among others.

Through the Crypto·X product family from Inixa manageable security architectures are configured from a single central management console, in a simple and effective way, with all the elements needed to create, or complete an optimal infrastructure of cryptographic services and security for your company, easily integrable and deployed.

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