Fugas de Información

Also known as IL for "Information Leakage" or ILDP for "Information Leak Detection and Prevention", different names, for the same propose​ s ​ : Identifying, monitoring, detecting and preventing leaks of information consider​ ed​ confidential by the organizations, as well as their unauthorise use.

DLP , prevención fugas de información Reality exceeds fiction, ​ it is ​ not necessary to resort to chaos like Wiki-Leaks, the data is devastating: companies who suffer information leaks lose up to 20% of their clients, who cancel contracts, 40% of the partners consider the cancelation of their business relationship when they confirm that the company did not protect the information adequately, and according to a recent study made by the European Community, that​ ​ 49% of the employees takes information from the companies when they change jobs. And this is not the worst part, but unfortunately , most times, this problems are not intencional, it​ ​ is the ignorance of the employees themselves, or simple carelessness, those that can cause serious damage to the organization, thus endangering their image and integrity.

Electronic communications System and Internet, Pendrives, memory sticks, SmartPhones, PDA's and USB devices, of continuous and massive use, pose an enormous risk in theworkplace. The ways in which the information, often, confidential, is transmitted and stored has multiplied in such a way that it is complicated to keep it under control without a rigorous work plan an with the right combination of products and services, to cover the full circle of electronic information.

  • DLP for backends
  • DLP for the network
  • DLP of content analysis
  • DLP for final equipment

Through the family of products and services Crypto-X from Inixa, our experts in security will help you in the progressive implementation of each and every one of the elements needed to create an optimal infrastructure DLP, of cryptographic security and services for your company.

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